Bid On Your Favorite Painted Cat - 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats

Online bidding is not yet open for 2014 - check back after May 1. 

1. Red Hot Ruby by Ella Buchholz
Sponsored by Maggie Holben

2. Richard Parker by Jane McFadden Dorsey
Sponsored by Lynn & Michelle Brevard

3. Bastet, Cat Goddess by Pat Lickly
Sponsored by Harold and Christina Taylor

4. Wildflower by Wendy Luck
Sponsored by Clyde and Barbara Dawson

5. Dandy Lion by Karen Mahnken
Sponsored by Mary Grace Yonts

6. Purr Lancelot by Karen Mahnken and Kyle Hardyway
Sponsored by Ann Waite and CCS Volunteer

7. Purrlock Holmes by Betsy Keyser
Sponsored by Mary Ann Schultz

8. PurrFectly Purple Puss by Betsy Keyser
Sponsored by Richard and Kathy Swanson

9. Thunder and Lightning by Kimiko VonWyrd
Sponsored by Sara Elder and Anastasia Betterton-Fike

10. Confetti by Anonymous
Sponsored by Barbara Kane and Mark P.

11. Garden Variety Cat by Jackie McFarland
Sponsored by Nature's Way

12. Cleo-Catra by Sheila Bobay McFather
Sponsored by Richard and Kathy Husband

13. Colorado Cat by Jamie McWhirt
Sponsored by Mary Foster and Kay Higgins

14. Cat-tails and Dogwood by Carla Pawlewicz
Sponsored by Diane Stoner and Marggie Dassler 

15. The Pattern Cats by Katherine Ross
Sponsored by Mark & Linda Brandon and Sharon Davis

16. Meowl (Barn Cat-Owl) by Cortnye Rusch
Sponsored by Clete Nolde

17. Filigree by Pam Schmidt
Sponsored by Steve Holben

18. O' Sole Meow by Bobbi Shupe
Sponsored by Gail Tinianow

19. Aspen Cat by Becky Enabnit Silver
Sponsored by Dr. Liz O'Rourke, Animal Urgent Care

20. Cerulean Ming by Kristina Spargo
Sponsored by Marsha Crest, CCS Volunteer and Patron

21. Odonata by Kristina Spargo
Sponsored by Richard and Kathy Swanson

22. Zentangle Kitty by Cam Williams
Sponsored by Karen Gonzalez and Tender Touch Animal Hospital

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23. Edwina Degas by Jane McFadden Dorsey
The 2014 "Drawing/Raffle Kitty"- Not Auctioned/$10 per ticket
Sponsored by Corporal Reggie Waddle